UNIPAKHELLAS: Three Wins at the 2023 Packaging Awards in Athens

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UNIPAKHELLAS: Three Wins at the 2023 Packaging Awards in Athens

What are the 2023 Packaging Awards?

Organized by Boussias Events, the 2023 Packaging Awards, the 7th edition, is a prominent award ceremony rewarding innovation in packaging, sustainability, technology, labelling, and design. The ceremony took place on September 27, 2023, at the Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel.

The competition underscores the vital role that packaging plays in product branding and sustainability. It emphasizes the significant impact of well-designed packaging on sustainability, marketing, and functionality. It’s an acknowledgment of the tireless efforts and innovative spirit of the winners. Moreover, the winners at this event have the privilege of representing Greece on the global stage at the 2024 World Star Packaging Awards.

Represented by a delegation of executives, UNIPAKHELLAS took the stage to receive the prestigious awards. Konstantinos Siotas, the Strategic Market Development Director of INDEVCO PAPER CONTAINERS, thanked the committee and the curators for their recognition and underlined how the gold winning submitted packaging is a testament of how at UNIPAKHELLAS and INDEVCO the circular economy, sustainability, and eco-consciousness pave the way towards innovation.

What did UNIPAKHELLAS win?

UNIPAKHELLAS won one gold and two silver awards at the 2023 Packaging Awards.

The “Resealable Box”, one of UNIPAKHELLAS submitted packaging won the Gold in Transit/ Supply Chain Packaging category for innovatively achieving economical, efficient, and safe transport of the packed goods. The same submitted package also won the Silver in the Reusable/ Recyclable Package category for incorporating a structure design allowing the reuse of the package in returns, thus minimizing waste.

The second Silver was rewarded for UNIPAKHELLAS in the Green Printing category for their positive environmental strategies, practices, and programs implemented to reduce the carbon footprint of the printing process.

With these three prestigious Packaging Awards in our collection, UNIPAKHELLAS is ending the year on a high note. This accomplishment adds yet another milestone to our ever-growing list of achievements. It reaffirms that our eco-conscious approach leads to undeniable success.