UNIPAK The Shop Innovative Corrugated Furniture Adorning the Lounge at Vinifest 2023

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UNIPAK The Shop Innovative Corrugated Furniture Adorning the Lounge at Vinifest 2023

October 20, 2023

Vinifest 2023, the highly anticipated Lebanese wine festival, brought together wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and spirits lovers for an unforgettable event. Amidst the alluring aromas of fine wines and spirits at the Beirut Hippodrome, Unipak The Shop, member of INDEVCO Group, proudly sponsored the festival in a unique and sustainable manner. The company’s contribution included providing the event with environmentally friendly, recyclable corrugated furniture that not only added an elegant touch but also proved resilient against the elements.


UNIPAK The Shop Role at Vinifest 2023

Unipak The Shop has partnered with Vinifest 2023 organizers to enhance the festival experience. The task was to design and provide chairs, side tables, and sofas for the lounge area, all made from recyclable corrugated materials. The goal was to create an inviting and comfortable space for festivalgoers to relax, socialize, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a glass (or two) of wine.

The Innovative Corrugated Furniture

Made from 100% recyclable materials, these exquisite pieces of corrugated furnishing combined the strength and resilience of traditional furniture with a design that showcased the festival’s wine theme. The furniture was not only practical but also an aesthetic delight, with vibrant wine-themed prints that added a touch of sophistication to the Vinifest 2023.

The Initial Reaction

As people started to notice the lounge area, their curiosity sparked. Visitors approached the corrugated furniture with a sense of amazement. They touched the sofas, they lifted the chairs, and they set their glasses on the side tables with bewildered eyes and a sense of astonishment. UNIPAK The Shop representatives at the event sat by the visitors’ side and took them through the journey of designing and creating these eye-catching pieces of furniture and how they are entirely made of recyclable paper-based, corrugated boards.

Sustainability at Its Best

Unipak the Shop’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere rhetoric, and Vinifest 2023 was a testament to that. The corrugated furniture not only provided a luxurious lounging experience but also reflected the dedication to environmental responsibility. These furniture pieces are not only recyclable but also extremely lightweight, making them easy to transport and assemble, which significantly reduces their carbon footprint.

Withstanding the Elements

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and during one of the days of Vinifest 2023, she decided to challenge us with unexpected rainfall. However, the corrugated furniture stood strong, demonstrating their incredible durability. The rain didn’t deter festivalgoers from enjoying their time in the lounge area, and the furniture remained sturdy and functional throughout the event.

A New Standard in Event Furniture

Unipak The Shop’s participation in Vinifest 2023 set a new standard for event furnishings. By choosing corrugated furniture, the company not only provided comfort and elegance but also promoted eco-friendliness and sustainability. Let’s hope that this innovative approach inspires other event organizers to consider environmentally responsible options in the future.


Vinifest 2023 was a remarkable celebration of local wine and spirits, native culture, and sustainability. Unipak The Shop was honored to have played a role in this grand event by supplying eco-friendly, recyclable corrugated furniture that not only added to the festival’s charm but also withstood unexpected bad weather. The commitment to sustainability and innovative design will continue to be at the forefront of all efforts, as the company and the Group strive to make a positive impact on the environment while delivering top-notch solutions to clients.

Cheers to Vinifest 2023, and here’s to many more eco-friendly, unforgettable events in the future!