UNIPAK, Lebanese corrugated packaging manufacturer, supports green industry and environmental awareness in Lebanon at the Arab Green Economy 2014.

UNIPAK participated in the Arab Green Economy forum “Green Economy & Banking for a Better Development”, which took place on 13 March 2014 at the Adnan Kassar Edifice in Beirut, Lebanon. During the forum Elie Fakhry, UNIPAK Environmental Specialist, discussed UNIPAK’s sustainability initiatives and highlighted key figures demonstrating positive effects on the environment.

As a local industrial manufacturing plant, UNIPAK implements waste management programs for office paper, solid waste, and e-waste to minimize carbon footprint. By reducing and reusing paper, UNIPAK reduces 5 tons of CO2/year, equivalent to planting 5 trees. Furthermore, by managing and recycling solid waste, the plant reduces 20.5 tons of CO2/year equivalent to 21 trees.

The plant also sets forth initiatives to decrease UNIPAK’s water consumption by 50%, as well as utilizes electricity energy-saving tools to save approximately 3.3 tons of CO2 annually.

Fakhry also discussed UNIPAK 2014 green initiatives which aim to cut down plant fuel consumption by up to 112,000 liters annually, as well as resulting air emissions by 335 tons of CO2/year. The manufacturer will also shift to renewable energy products to replace fuel oil used for steam generation.


The General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture for Arab Countries and LibanPack organized the Arab Green Economy Forum. The forum featured four sessions: ‘Session 1 – Leading Green Initiatives’, ‘Session 2 – Financing Green Projects’, ‘Session 3 – Green Industries for Sustainable Development’, and ‘Session 4 – Green Branding’.

The Arab Green Economy Forum presented creative ideas, trends, innovations, and plans to progress local environmentalism. Presentations highlighted green tourism, construction, economy, and branding, as well as new initiatives and tools for waste reuse and recycling. The forum also discussed the role of finance in social responsibility and shed light on sustainability success stories in the paper, plastic and corrugated packaging manufacturing industries.

Read more about the event: www.libanpack.org/index.php?page=activities&cat_id=5&action=Detail&id=52


UNIPAK is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group.

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