UNIPAK enhances and optimizes decision making process by integrating business intelligence applications and technologies, to gather, store, analyze, and provide data access.

With business intelligence (BI) systems in place, UNIPAK effectively predicts and adapts to market trends, as well as meets evolving customer needs. UNIPAK enhances productivity, efficiency and smooth operations by improving decision making in an ever-changing market.

BI technologies and systems allow UNIPAK to capitalize on past, current and predictive future views of business operations along with key performance indicators (KPIs) through data visualization dashboard tools.

In line with INDEVCO Paper Containers Division’s strategy to continually improve operations and management, member UNIPAK puts into place BI systems designed and developed by INDEVCO Systems & Business Intelligence (ISBI).

BI Systems Benefits

BI systems at UNIPAK in Halat, Lebanon, offer a vast array of benefits:

  • Visibility: BI systems allow executives to view customized information pertaining to different key units, sections, functions, and departments using numerical and graphical layouts.
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness: Through BI systems, executives can obtain desired unbiased information, confidentially, swiftly and glitch-free, without depending on external resources.
  • Prompt Managerial Decision Making: BI systems record historic trends and enable accurate projections and forecasts, facilitating future decision making. With BI systems in place, executives can more easily make informed and prompt decisions based on analysis of readily available facts and figures.
  • Customized Information Storage & Retrieval: The BI system structure allows each executive to effortlessly build customized business and information models, organized in a library that can be easily retrieved with updated information.
  • Analysis & Predictability: BI systems visually correlate various elements, functions and departments, facilitating the comprehension of historical cause-effect relationships. This allows executives to predict future events and secure planned initiatives by eliminating variability.
  • Data Mining: BI systems enable drilling down of targeted data to mine business information, extract facts, and build corrective measures.


UNIPAK is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group.

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