On a mission for a better tomorrow

UNIPAKHELLAS - On a mission for a better tomorrow

Next time you meet our blue trucks on the road, rest assured that they are on a noble mission as they are either delivering recyclable packaging or bringing back old packaging materials to our site to be recycled.

This is our contribution to a circular economy and something that we take very seriously.

Hence, our trucks play an important factor in the proper implementation of the circular economy and we are very proud of this. UNIPAKHELLAS also strives with great success to provide its customers with innovative, environmentally friendly as well as biodegradable packaging solutions in the context of the circular economy for a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

So, our trucks carry this load. Not only to deliver the box in its perfect condition and ready for use, but also ready for recycling. In UNIPAKHELLAS we believe in recycling boxes that will give life back to your product.  So, our concept of recycling is the most important factor when we start a new delivery journey to the customer.

By collecting the recycled paper and taking advantage of the entire paper waste collection, our production line will give life and value back to your product.

From now on every time you meet our blue truck you will know that UNIPAKHELLAS is also contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow. Now is the time for us all to look ahead and take significant action through the circular economy, contributing to a better and more sustainable environment that will be a legacy for future generations.

Our blue truck is now more ready than ever to safely and responsibly transport your products.

Protect the environment. Recycle your packaging.