A sweeping win at Arab Starpack Professional Competition

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A sweeping win at Arab Starpack Professional Competition

A sweeping win at Arab Starpack Professional Competition

October 24, 2022

What is Arabpack Professional and what makes it important?

Organized by UNIDO and LIBANPACK, Arab StarPack Professional is the first industrial packaging competition bringing together the best industry professionals in the Arab world under one roof.

The competition sheds light on the important impact of smartly designed packaging on the sustainability, marketing, and functionality, awarding the top designs in Industrial and consumer packaging.

How well did we do?

UNIPAK, EASTERNPAK, and UNIPAKNILE collectively swept five awards proving once again how our drive to innovate and stand out and our vast expertise make all the difference.

UNIPAK won two awards for two created designs. The first award was for the “Crispy Hot Meal Box”, an intricate yet sustainably structured package for food deliveries and takeaways. The packaging, with the help of the indirect ventilations, achieved the ultimate goal restaurants aim to accomplish: Ensuring the packed food maintains its crispiness all the way to the consumer’s home. The creative solution kept the food is safe from the external environment while properly evacuating steam to maintain the food quality for the duration of the delivery.

The second award was for the “Ventilator Appliance Box”, a package where petroleum based materials where replace with sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable corrugated materials. This substitute not only provided the same level of protection the EPS achieves, but also maintained the same size of the shipper box and the container load.

UNIPAKNILE earned two awards as well. One for the “E-commerce Box”, a temper-evident package suitable for E-commerce orders and returns. What makes this solution stand out is achieving the safety of the products without introducing plastic-based accessories like tape. The package is also providing the peace of mind for the consumer by easily identifying if the box has been opened before arriving to them.

The second award was for the “Blender EPS Replacement Partition”. The win was due to its sustainability aspect. The EPS fillers were replaced with corrugated packaging fillers, creating a more sustainable overall package, without impacting the logistics or the performance requirements of the packed product. Moreover, the simple design of this EPS alternative does not require any changes to the assembly line in terms of additional work force needs.

Finally yet importantly, EASTERNPAK won the award for the “Cable Bin” entry. The corrugated board-based packaging was created to replace the steel cages cables are usually transported in, with a more sustainable, recyclable, and affordable box. This creative box helps in decreasing transportation costs and lowering the carbon footprint brought by the return trips of the empty metal containers to the manufacturing plants.

What’s next?

With the five collected awards, UNIPAK, UNIPAKNILE, and EASTERNPAK are now eligible to participate in World StarPack Global Packaging competition, a renowned international event organized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

With our drive to success, our out-of-box approach, and our innovative mindset, we hope to collect more awards and represent the Arab packaging industry on the international stage.