UNIPAK: Your companion from A to Z

With over 50 years of experience in the paper-based packaging industry, UNIPAK specializes in the manufacturing and converting of not only corrugated boards, but also solid boards (FBB).

The extensive expertise and the wide-ranging scope enable UNIPAK boxes to be by your product’s side every step of the way.

The FBB boxes, usually the primary carton packaging, will hold your product and have it ready for the shelves and retailer displays. With their highly customizable and lightweight properties, the FBB boxes will be a vessel to carry your branding and core messages to the consumer while playing the major role of the initial packaging for any product you choose to sell.

The corrugated boxes will provide the solution to pack multiple full and sealed FBB boxes and ensure they stay safe during transit to reach their destination or in storage waiting for their next stop.

By choosing UNIPAK as your packaging supplier and partner, you are combining all the paper-based packaging you need for your business in one place and guaranteeing the smooth process of creating, producing, and delivering your packaging solution to your door.

Since 1965, UNIPAK has made sure the customers’ needs and requirements are fulfilled and has expanded over the years to meet all expectations and embrace novelty and advancement. The company has achieved progress by always listening to the customers and employing all the crucial skills and assets at hand to offer the finest output.