Unipak launches the all-new distancing line for the ultimate indoor distancing.

Unipak launches the all-new distancing line for the ultimate indoor distancing.

In response to the preventive measure guidelines for social distancing, Unipak has developed the “Distancing Line”, a sustainable and hygienic product line to adhere to the WHO recommendations and ensure social distancing for on-site service employees.

Developed for the protection of employees in their workspace, the distancing line launched 3 new products to be used in different spaces: the shop-floor separator, the desk separator and the table separator, and have been designed in a way to create a unique personal space for each employee.

The distancing line is a safe solution for the COVID-19 virus as it is manufactured from corrugated cardboard, which was found to have the shortest lifespan compared to other materials. Moreover, corrugated cardboards are generally a onetime use item before being recycled, making them naturally hygienic.

Product details:

The Shop-floor Separator is designed to be placed as a partition in manufacturing plants and factories having manual filling or assembly lines where workers stand closely alongside each other.

The Desk Separator is designed to accommodate multiple desk thicknesses with adjustable opening heights. The desk separator is mainly targeted for offices, schools, and open-floor plan spaces in order to respect social distancing in the workplace and schools.

And lastly, the Table Separator is used as an effective physical barrier for employees sharing the same table. It protects desks from the side and can be grouped together to create an extension.

Let’s all practice distancing while being fully productive!

Visit https://www.unipaklb.com/products/?Category=promotional-and-display&Page=1for more info on the line.



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