The launch the ultimate grocery delivery solution amidst COVID-19 fears.

The launch of the ultimate grocery delivery solution amidst COVID-19 fears.


Because the well-being of our clients come first, and ordering groceries to be delivered home is one good way to social distancing, we have come up with the Corrugated Grocery Box, that helps supermarket owners organize delivery orders, while giving their customers peace of mind as they shop from the comfort of their homes.


The grocery box’s easy closing mechanism keeps the goods well-stored inside and safe from outer contaminants before reaching its final destination. Upon arriving, the customer can easily unload it outside, and dispose it for recycling.


This comes in line with the safety and hygiene of corrugated cardboard when it comes to grocery delivery, especially compared to other materials such as reusable plastic. Further studies have been done that identify the use of corrugated cardboard as a safe solution for hygienic delivery. Moreover, it was found to have the shortest COVID-19 lifespan compared to other materials.


Corrugated packaging offers full protection due to the very high temperatures applied in the manufacturing process, and most importantly due to their single-use feature while being commonly and fully recyclable.




UNIPAK S.A.L. is a member of INDEVCO Group. We specialize in manufacturing and converting a wide range of corrugated and solid board packaging.

With more than 50 years’ experience in packaging solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, and our strategic location means we can provide a competitive service throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.